Matt wakes up each day to put others in the driver’s seat so that they can go places they never imagined possible. Matt draws on his 20 years of leadership experience as a former US Air Force Officer to help organizations create cultures that put people first. In 2011, while on Active Duty with the US Air Force, one of Matt’s missions was to escort Simon Sinek into Afghanistan. On this fateful trip and through an unusual set of circumstances Matt became not only a believer in Simon’s work, but a brother for life. Simon walked away with an idea, which later became his second book “Leaders Eat Last”.

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Simon and Matt went on to collaborate in creating the Department of Defense’s first TEDx speaking event, choosing to showcase “those who serve others”. A friend and mentor of Simon’s, Bob Chapman, CEO of Barry-Wehmiller was a speaker at the event. When Matt heard Bob’s inspirational story he decided he wanted to join Bob and his team in building a world where everyone matters. Currently, as Partner at the Barry-Wehmiller Leadership Institute, the foundation of his teachings are a combination of his US Air Force leadership experience and the people-centric leadership tools developed by the Barry-Wehmiller Leadership Institute.

Matt travels around the world working with clients in a variety of industries such as government, education, professional athletics, hospitality, consumer products, healthcare, finance, manufacturing, non-profit, pharmaceuticals, media and retail.

His previous roles include: service in the United Nations to bring peace to Liberia, West Africa. Working with NATO members for operations in Afghanistan. Squadron commander and other assignments on the Joint Staff and Headquarters Air Force at the Pentagon. Matt has graduate degrees in international relations, management and finance. He is based in St.Louis, MO with his wife and two children.
The overwhelming response from our audience, especially those who have been to our past events, was that Matt delivered EXACTLY what they were hungry for. Matt has an authentic chemistry that helped the audience feel encouraged rather than intimidated. Matt's vulnerability in sharing his personal story, and then tying it into hands on tools that anyone can use to build relationships, was inspirational. If you are looking for an experience that stresses the "how" of building unity and purpose in an organization, Matt and company is the real deal.
— Prophit Marketing
Matt, I wanted to personally thank you for the time you spent with our class earlier this month. It's obvious to me and everyone else in attendance, you were made for this purpose.
— Private Company (regarding a Why Discovery Workshop)

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