My WHY is to execute on the unique things that help others feel loved, safe, and supported.


Does being an assistant ever feel lonely?


With the official title of Chief of Simon & Executive Producer, Monique works passionately to help build, organize and execute Simon's vision.

Now, Monique shares her experience and perspective with other executives and executive assistants, helping them each understand the importance of their own contributions.


Her skills are put to the test domestically and globally, working with an array of people focused organizations – from corporate, to non-profits, police forces, Universities, government, U.S. Ambassadors and members of congress.


How do you navigate tough conversations?


Monique brings more than 14 years of experience as an event planner and professional organizer, and 6+ years as Chief of Simon.

She knows that inspiration only comes to life if there is a good process to back it up. If the angel is in the details, then Monique is that angel.


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