My WHY is to catalyze growth in people so that we have the tools to build a better world.


What are you passionate about?


Matt helps organizations create powerful, supportive cultures so that people can focus on living a balanced life.

He believes that building and sustaining a strong culture is the key to innovation and long-term success.


As a millennial and former college athlete, Matt has an exceptional ability to relate concepts across his various life experiences, allowing him to connect with audiences across the board.


How can teams be more innovative?


After Matt experienced the Why Discovery process, and felt its impact firsthand, he decided to join the Start With why team and become a workshop facilitator and trainer.

Now he travels the world combining Simon’s concepts with his own experience to help individuals and teams discover their Why and pursue purposeful work.


The Golden Circle

The Golden Circle Inside Out


Loyalty vs Repeat Business


Matt was great! As a growing company still trying to define itself, this session helped a lot with gathering the feelings of the group and finding a 'why' that felt like home.

— Chaz G., Solutions Architect, Teamvvork

Matt was engaging and delivered the information in a way that was easy-to-understand and apply.

— Tammy H., Executive Director, ADCC

Matt has a great speaking presence – he put everyone in the room at ease from the start and we were able to dive in and be productive immediately – it was a great investment of a full day workshop!

— Amy M., Sr. Product Manager, Tempur Sealy International


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