My WHY is to hold the space for others to move to the edge of their greatness so that they can revel in who they are.


How did you and Simon meet?


Kim believes we have a responsibility to help one another move to the edge of our individual and collective greatness.

She has worked along- side New York Times bestselling author and optimist, Simon Sinek, since 2008.


Kim saw the potential in Simon and his vision before there was a book or TED talk. Because of her commitment to advancing this vision, she was the first recipient of the Igniter of the Year award in 2011.


How do you define leadership?


As the Chief Revel Officer of Start With Why, Kim is charged with building the foundation for which the WHY movement can thrive.

Kim’s strength and passion is to support people to step into roles where they can make the most meaningful and impactful contribution to the WHY movement.


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