Commit Webinar

WHY Discovery Webinar

We believe that we all deserve to find meaning and fulfillment in what we do. And in order to feel fulfilled, we must first understand our purpose or cause—our WHY.

In this interactive session, David Mead shares the method behind discovering your WHY, and how your WHY can bring more meaning and fulfillment to your work and life.


  • Why it's important to know our WHY, and the difference it can make in our lives
  • The PAR model
  • An overview of each step of the WHY Discovery process
  • Tips to navigate your WHY Discovery



  • What do you believe gets in the way for most people in finding their WHY? (13:03)
  • Do we have more than one WHY, or does it change over our lifetime? (15:00)
  • How do you help people with fixed mindsets open up to the WHY without getting frustrated? (17:17)
  • What is the difference between your WHY and your uniqueness? (19:17)
  • Any tips to successfully articulate my WHY? (34:40)
  • Can you speak to some of the differences in approach needed for tribe (team or organization) WHY Discovery? (37:08)
  • What questions can I ask myself to select my stories? (41:31)
  • How do you bridge the gap between knowing your WHY and living your WHY? (43:35)

Find Your WHY