Commit Keynote

The How Girl

Key Highlights

  • Hear alternative viewpoints and radical solutions to the common problems that seem to plague executive assistants and Type As.
  • Understand both the successes and the struggles of the doers, the activators, the HOW people.
  • Walk away from this session knowing that you are not alone.


We live in a world that recognizes big ideas and the people who came up with them. People who are honored, celebrated, and distinguished for their grand philosophies and unique inventions. We watch movies about Steve Jobs. We read books about Abraham Lincoln. We re-tweet Simon Sinek.

But what is often forgotten is that every single one of them has had someone (or two or ten someone’s) behind the curtain, pushing buttons, flipping switches, and making it possible for them to do the great things they need to do. These people, the ones who are seldom celebrated and rarely known, are and always will be, THE most essential part of the equation. This is who WE are. The Doers. The Activators. The HOW people.

And since we rarely hear about these people, we also rarely hear about their plight. How do we prioritize a target when the target keeps moving? How do we thrive in an environment where we have little control of our daily activities? What’s it like standing behind the person who gets all the credit? How do we sustain the power to keep giving and giving of ourselves and find the tools to refill our own emotional tool bag?

In this session, you will hear Monique Helstrom, the HOW person behind Simon Sinek, offer some alternative viewpoints and radical solutions to the common issues that seem to plague EA’s and Type As around the globe. And if nothing else, you’ll walk away from this session knowing that you are not alone.


Monique Helstrom

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